Friday, June 10, 2011

Heaven Gateaway : Cabana Beach Resort at Bintan

A great story starts from a great place…

Putting aside the city’s hustle-bustle and relaxing under the sun of Trikora Beach, Bintan, was such a magnificent weekend I spent with 6 of my friends. We stayed over a night in Cabana Beach resort. It has a fantastic private beach with tranquil, warm, and glimmering sea water. Scattering not far from the foreshore, some giant boulders emerge beautifully from the sea surface, overawed the tourists and took their breath away. I and my friends were hasty to the water; bursting exaggeratedly broke the calmness of the sea without waves. We swarmed around the gigantic rocks, climbed, laid, and watched the fishes.

After an hour or two playing around the beach, we decided to ride some water sports: Banana Boats, Flying Fish, and Big Marble. The peaceful of Cabana’s beach can’t be jerked, so we had to take a free shuttle bus to Agro Bintan resort to experience the thrill of the adrenaline rush from those extreme water sports. After that we had a dinner at Sun Moon Kelong, a seafood floating restaurant inside the resort… I have to admit, the seafood was awesome, and I personally recommend you to try the black pepper crabs and chilly crabs!!

When the sun had gone down, millions of stars came out. Something that I have been always missed since I stayed in big cities. The sparkling of the stars, never failed to amaze me. And for the first time of my life I watched meteor rains… the “stars” were falling, and I was too astonished until I forgot to make wishes. If only I could capture them……

The day after, we went home with smiles and Otak-otak in our hand…

The story of Trikora beach Bintan will be last forever, not in our memory, but in our pictures… LOL.

From Bintan with Love....


  1. Keren banget tempatnya...jadi pengen ke sana juga ;p

  2. Let's try the other part of Bintan island other time fi ;)

  3. great photos~! i want to go to the beach resort!

  4. I wanna go there too! D:
    amazing pics bytheway! :)

  5. those are really great waters...

    and the crab just made me want to eat dinner again.

  6. there are hardly any waves! the water is great for swimming. and those rocks are glorious!

  7. nice web... i live at bintan island, i can show u another sights in bintan, batam lagoi etc... please contact me

  8. Ouww, para Putri duyung duyung lagi menyantaiii...:)
    Pantainya bagus, yg berenang cantik2 juga..:)

  9. Nice blog. This is like a paradise. Amazing experienced girls.

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  10. Thanks for your coming to Bintan, hope you will back again in the future.
    From Bintana Putra


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