Monday, August 22, 2011

Quotes: Whether they are sensible or not, they still make us smile.

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  • Alcohol doesn't cause hangovers. Waking up does.

  •  I dont need a man to keep me happy-but a maid is essential.
  • I'm on gin and tonic diet, so far i have lost 2 days.

  • I dont do mornings
  • i'd give up chocolate but i'm no quitter
  • I have shopped all my life and still have nothing to wear. 

Means: I'm pretending to be fat: I'm swear it's just an act.

Dear best friend,
You're stupid. You fail. You're weird. You are not perfect.But thats okay, I'm like that too.
We laugh at the randomest things. You know my ugliest side.
Even though we disagree sometimes, we never fight.
When I'm sad, you were always there to make sure I'm Okay.
Thanks for being there for me.

I SHOULD: Never expect, never demand, never assume.
I SHOULD KNOW: My limits where i stand my role.
DONT: get affected, get jealous, get paranoid.
I'LL JUST: Go with the flow and stay happy

Everything in this world can be seen as you wish to.
Good or Bad; Simple or Complicated; Easy or Difficult.
Its not how things are; its about how you look up to them.
...and how you look up to them is all up to you.

Love, Fifi

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Career at Singapore

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Contact Singapore has new internship opportunities, management programmes and full-time job positions

Hope it helps
Love, Fifi

Friday, June 10, 2011

Heaven Gateaway : Cabana Beach Resort at Bintan

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A great story starts from a great place…

Putting aside the city’s hustle-bustle and relaxing under the sun of Trikora Beach, Bintan, was such a magnificent weekend I spent with 6 of my friends. We stayed over a night in Cabana Beach resort. It has a fantastic private beach with tranquil, warm, and glimmering sea water. Scattering not far from the foreshore, some giant boulders emerge beautifully from the sea surface, overawed the tourists and took their breath away. I and my friends were hasty to the water; bursting exaggeratedly broke the calmness of the sea without waves. We swarmed around the gigantic rocks, climbed, laid, and watched the fishes.

After an hour or two playing around the beach, we decided to ride some water sports: Banana Boats, Flying Fish, and Big Marble. The peaceful of Cabana’s beach can’t be jerked, so we had to take a free shuttle bus to Agro Bintan resort to experience the thrill of the adrenaline rush from those extreme water sports. After that we had a dinner at Sun Moon Kelong, a seafood floating restaurant inside the resort… I have to admit, the seafood was awesome, and I personally recommend you to try the black pepper crabs and chilly crabs!!

When the sun had gone down, millions of stars came out. Something that I have been always missed since I stayed in big cities. The sparkling of the stars, never failed to amaze me. And for the first time of my life I watched meteor rains… the “stars” were falling, and I was too astonished until I forgot to make wishes. If only I could capture them……

The day after, we went home with smiles and Otak-otak in our hand…

The story of Trikora beach Bintan will be last forever, not in our memory, but in our pictures… LOL.

From Bintan with Love....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Interphex Asia 2011 and Project Management Professional (PMP) Training by PSC-Asia

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Good day everyone…

I am proudly announce that I’ve been hired as a sales and marketing specialist in Pharmaceutical Services Corporation Pte Ltd (PSC-Asia), Singapore. Today is my 6th day at work, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Nothing more blissful than waking up every morning and knowing yourself doing what you love. Well, I always find myself loves a lot of things, but these days are different… it’s like doing everything based on my intuition…and without realizing it, I do think about my job every second.  

For those who are not familiar with pharmaceutical might rarely hear about my company. In a simple sentence: our role is helping pharmaceutical company in quality management prior and during drugs production. Our company helps the drug manufacturers build their product credibility long before they are released to the market. 

As one of the leading supplier and consultancy company for pharmaceutical and life science company, my company is attending Interphex Asia 2011 in Singapore. 

For more information about PSC-Asia and Interphex, pls click link bellow:

PSC-Asia is also offering Project Management Professional ® /PMP ® Online course. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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"The power of "first impression"/ "snap judgement" is beautifully explained here. How the savvy archeologist intuitively knew that a kouros  was "freshly made", How to know which marriage doesn't last longer, or why Pepsi won the zip challenge by taste "better" than coke.This book is about those moments when we know something without knowing why... sometimes we've got to believe it,but sometimes it makes we lost. Gladwell’s conclusion, after studying how people make instant decisions in a wide range of fields from psychology to police work, is that we can make better instant judgments by training our mind and senses to focus on the most relevant facts—and that less input (as long as it’s the right input) is better than more.
 All the facts in this book was written based on research, and served interestingly by the genius Malcolm Gladwell.

So, will you judge a book by it's cover after read this book??